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Mystic Maidens

I've not been a part of the Maidens for very long, I've not exactly been active up till now, for various reasons, but I'm glad to be here with them. Love and hugs to all my sister Maidens ...

Who are the Mystic Maidens?

We are a group of women in cyberspace who acknowledge a higher power and seek personal enlightenment. With open minds and hearts, we come together with love and tolerance for all to share ideas & philosophies while nurturing and encouraging individual expression and growth.


It is a victory, not a failure, to admit my problems,
acknowledge any wrong I've done, and turn to a Higher Power for help.

It is healthy to accept and love myself and let others love me,
for I am worthy of respect and love.

It is okay to trust myself and others. I can be responsible for myself,
just as others can be responsible for themselves.

It is possible for me to be happy, since happiness depends on myself and my attitude,
not on other people or things.

It is possible for me to change if I set realistic goals;
I can reach them one step at a time and one day at a time.

I can't do everything or do everything perfectly, but I can do something.
If I fail, it's okay. There's no real failure except in not trying.

It's alright to set limits to keep my sanity and serenity.
It's okay to let things go that cannot be changed or that do not matter.

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