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Get your men in shorts here!

And now for the best part of the Castle, in my opinion - pictures of gorgeous men! Hehe ... Ok this page is going to get more interesting, but I'm so crushed over their defeat in their last game against Argentina, I'll be working slowly on this one; it may take till the season starts, but who knows ...

As you doubtless know by now, England are out of the World Cup, but they did brilliantly under terrible odds, and it's not fair to blame Beckham, nor keep him out of future England games 'cos we need him there ... as proved during the Columbia game ... love and hugs to the very adorable and very talented Michael Owen especially - I'm a Liverpool supporter after all *grin* - but to all of them for keeping it together and for being without doubt the best team there. I'm proud of you, guys.

The England team

Michael Owen - couldn't you just kiss him?

Some of the team ...

Sol Campbell   Alan Shearer   Gary Neville   Graeme le Saux

Tony Adams   Paul Scholes   David Seaman - possibly the best goalkeeper in the world? Hm.   Paul Ince

David Beckham balances something light and airy on his ball

'David Beckham balances something light and airy on his ball'.

The Shearer goal celebrations

Owen and Beckham celebrating that second goal.

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